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New England Photoconductor strives to provide its customers with high quality, reliable, application specific infrared detectors and electronics which meet customer specifications the first and every time, while providing our employees with challenging opportunities for enhancing their personal and professional growth.


Series Code Description - Lead Sulfide (PbS)   Series Code Description - Lead Selenide (PbSe)
A plate cell   F plate cell
B plate cell   FA plate cell, medium performance
C plate cell   FS plate cell, high performance
AM hermetic package   FM hermetic package
BM hermetic package   FAM hermetic package, medium performance
CM hermetic package   FSM hermetic package, high performance
D 1-stage TE cooled (-20°C)   G 1-stage TE cooled (-20°C)
D2 2-stage TE cooled (-30°C)   G2 2-stage TE cooled (-30°C)
D21 2-stage TE cooled (-45°C)   G21 2-stage TE cooled (-45°C)
- -   GS21 2-stage TE cooled (-45°C), high performance

Size and Package Codes

Size Code Description Package Code Description
.25 25 mm sq. 5 - 46 TO-5, TO-46
.50 50 mm sq. 5 - 46 TO-5, TO-46
1 1.0 mm sq. 5 - 46 TO-5, TO-46
2 2.0 mm sq. 5 TO-5
3 3.0 mm sq. 5 TO-5
5 5.0 mm sq. 8 TO-8
10 10.0 mmsq. 3 TO-3

Other sizes and geometries available.
Liquid Nitrogen Dewars Available: D=Down Looking and S=Side Looking.
Contact N.E.P. for more details.



B-1 Lead Sulfide 1x1 mm plate cell
CM-5-8 Lead Sulfide 5x5 mm detector, in a TO-8 package, hermetically sealed
FM-3-5 Lead Selenide 3x3 mm detector, in a TO-5 package, hermetically sealed
D21-5-8 Lead Sulfide 5x5 mm detector, with a 2-stage TE cooler, in a TO-8 package

NOTE: TE cooled devices are equipped with a standard 1K thermistor; please add "C" to the part number for calibration.
Arrays: Please contact NEP for array and multiplexed array information.